About Us

The Swimming and Waterpolo club is an active group of members that compete in both swimming events and waterpolo competitions throughout the year. Intervarsities are held after Christmas and are always a big highlight of the year, but there are also other events. We host social gatherings for members to meet up and get to no each other. There are also multiple other swimming competitions such as the Masters gala which our swimmers often attend.

Students are welcome to be part both clubs or its perfectly fine to join just swimming or just Waterpolo.

We train two mornings a week for swimming along with one evening, and 2 evenings a week for Waterpolo.  Members do not have to attend both swimming and Waterpolo, but they are welcome to. For swimming, we recommend you have some ability to swim but there is no need to be a competitive swimmer. For Waterpolo, complete beginners are welcome and we ensure you will get the hang of it in no time.