About Us

The Swimming and Waterpolo club is an active group of members that compete in both swimming events and waterpolo competitions throughout the year. Intervarsities are held after Christmas and are always a big highlight of the year, but there are also other events. Last year we hosted novice waterpolo intervarsities, which is for players that have not been playing for very long. Teams from around the country came to cork and it was a big success. We welcome new members to our club, both people who  have swam competitively before and those who have not. We train two mornings a week for swimming and 3 evenings a week for waterpolo.  Members do not have to attend both swimming and waterpolo, but they are welcome to. Most members of the waterpolo teams have never played before joining the club but many have found that they enjoy it. It is different to swimming because there is the team aspect to it, which is very enjoyable.  If you like swimming and want to try something new then waterpolo could be a good idea for you. And if you would like to stick to swimming then come along.